This Jaguar headlining kit fits the early series jaguar XJS from 1975 to 1991 and includes:- 1. The headboard 2. The left and right-hand rear quarter panel 3. The left and right-hand cant rail (side rail Finishers) covers 4. All items are ready covered in grey or beige (jaguar limestone) clothThe panel is very strong, made from GRP and will not be affected by damp; unlike the originals which are fragile and vulnerable to damp, causing the headlining to disintegrate and the glue holding the cloth to delaminate.THERE IS NO GLUING OR DRILLING, ALL HOLES AND FIXING POINTS ARE ALREADY IN PLACE.We manufacture all headlinings ourselves, building them with GRP so they are strong enough not to be damaged in transit. We use high temperature adhesives so they do not suffer from the sagging issues of the originals.We offer full telephone support should you need any help during the fitting process.

Jaguar/Daimler XJS 1975 - 1991 Complete Headlining Kit

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