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Jaguar Headlining Kit DIY:


This kit is available in Limestone beige and Nimbus Grey as per original equipment. Kit consists of two metres by 1.32 metres of nylon foam backed headlining fabric which is sufficient to cover the original headlining board (biscuit) and side rails, rear quarters and head rails (where fitted).  Also included in the kit is a large aersol of high performance, contact adhesive which is specifically designed for fitting car headlinings and is tested upto 110 degrees C.  When fitting the only tools necessary are sissors and a screwdriver. We can offer full telephone support if you run into difficulty.  Instructions included.

Please Note: 
This complete DIY kit is only available for UK mainland delivery due to air frieght regulations.

Jaguar/Daimler Headling Kit (DIY)

Excluding VAT
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